TTF x 22/23AW Fahion Trends


It is an honor for TTF to participate in the latest 2022/23 AW fashion trend conference. Designer Cynthia Lin collaborated with three other companies, including Texma德式馬, Londee龍笛, and Birdie柏蒂. She took the 2022/23 AW fashion trends as inspiration and presented these ideas through the fabrics which provided by the four companies.









A Sartorial jacket combined with multi-materials and patterns makes the classic check understated and full of vivid beats.

100% Polyester, 2-Way Stretch, Double Weave, 

Antibacterial sciessent or Recycled PET.


The classic plaid suit with warm and rich autumn harvest colors. Moreover, to highlight a feminine decorative silhouette style, the folds below the waistband create an extra space structure.


85% Polyester 15% Rayon,

2-Way Stretch, Double Weave, Antibacterial sciessent.






The corrugated patch puffer vest and an asymmetrical pleated short skirt add the element of Workmen to the urban office cloth.

TOP:100% Polyester Stretch, Quilt-like, Water Repellent

BOTTOM:2-Way Stretch, Double Weave, Antibacterial sciessent ( with graphene )

Written & Photography by  L.Y. from the TTF Executive Office