TTF is equipped with 160 water-jet looms, 72 air-jet looms, 72 Picanol rapier looms and 70 rapier jacquard looms. We produce 36 million yard of greige fabric annually with a total amount of 374 looms. The water-jet looms are equipped with  jacquard system, which allows us to gain advantage in fast and high volume production; Rapier Jacquard looms are equipped with computerized jacquard and microcomputer monitoring system, which adopts to various kinds of patterns and raw materials to meet the high-mix, low-volume demand; Air-jet looms can  adopt to various long and short fiber weaving process with high rotation speed; Jacquard looms are connected to electronic internet connection control system, and able to respond and react quickly to rapid changing jacquard market.

12 Murata friction type and 8 pin type of yarn-texturing machines have been installed in FuGung yarn-texturizing plant since the initial operations in 1999. TTF has equipped 11 latest TMT friction type yarn-texturing machines after, and equipped 31 yarn-texturing machines in total. FuGung plant produces 24,000 tons of yarn annually, and TTF is able to benefit from the advantages of yarn and fabric integrated company.